Freshwater sport fishing in Brazil nowadays is practiced in four basic regions of the country, where there is available a satisfactory infrastructure and aerial access, and where sport fishes of varied species can be found in relative abundance. These regions are: 1) some tributaries and sub-tributaries on the left margin of the Amazonas river (starting from the cities of Manaus and Barcelos), like the Negro river and Branco river; 2) the Madeira river, a tributary on the right margin of the Amazonas river, and its sub-tributaries (starting from the city of Nova Olinda do Norte);  3) the north of the state of Mato Grosso and the south of the state of Pará (Teles Pires and São Benedito rivers – Alta Floresta region); 4) northwest of the state of Mato Grosso, and the south of State of Amazonas (Roosevelt and Aripuamã rivers); and 5) the South Pantanal (leaving from Corumbá-MS). We may also include: a lodge by the Xingu river (Amazon region, next to Altamira- state of Pará); and a lodge on the Araguaia river, next to the mouth of the Das Mortes river (state of Tocantins).

In all these regions there are lodges and boat-hotels that offer from good to excellent services, including accommodations, food, equipped fishing boats, competent native regional guides, natural baits and even fishing equipment for rental. These fishing sites are located in regions where nature is still relatively protected and its force and beauty are evident, and where a great variety of sport fishes can be found, from giant catfishes, like the piraíba, the jaú, and the pirarara, to authentic warrior scaled fishes like the peacock bass, the payara and the dourado. In all of these places, it is possible to use different sport fishing techniques, like bait casting, spinning, fly fishing, trolling, and also still fishing (or bottom fishing). Unnecessary to say that catch and release practice is the rule in all these destinies.

These lodges and boat-hotels offer the comfort of good accommodations, with air conditioning, tasty and varied food, drinks (beer, soft-drinks, source water) and even a wine menu. The guides are trained to assist the fisherman in different forms of fishing, including fishing with artificial baits, fly fishing, and bottom fishing for the big catfish.  The fishing boats are usually built of aluminum, generally having six meters in length, and are equipped with potent outboard motors starting at 25 HP, while some also rely on an electric trolling motor for fishing with artificial baits. Each fishing boat takes two fishermen, but it is possible to fish alone by paying an additional fee. The fishing guide, besides leading the boat to fishing spots of his knowledge, may assist the fisherman in choosing the right lure, preparing the fishhooks with natural bait, and in embarking and releasing the captured fish.

Our country is a true paradise for sport fishing. In an initial counting, we can identify 50 different sport fresh water fishes, scaled or not, which can make any sport fisherman happy. In all the regions mentioned above, a well preserved nature and the high quality of the water guarantee the productivity of fishing and the success of the trips, allowing the conquer of true photographic trophies.

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